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5 Quick Facts for Perfect Grassfed Burgers at Home, Part 1

We love them and we fear them. Let’s talk burgers.

The love part is the burger itself: the meat patty snuggled within its bun, dressed with frilly lettuce, a tomato slice and a wisp of onion. Our desire for it is unfettered. It is enduring. It is America. Just ask Josh Ozersky who wrote an entire book about the hamburger.

The fear part is the ground beef: What in the world is in there? Where did it come from? Where has it been? Better not to think about it and just take a bite…

Or, let me tell you about artisan meat–beef that is cultivated with care and attention from start to finish by small-scale and family farmers. It is sold direct from the beef producer to a retailer or you.

5 ways Grassfed Ground Beef is better

1. Pure ground beef, no filler, no pink slime, nothing weird
2. Never mixed with other trim from foreign places, like Uruguay
3. Each batch is traceable back to the farm
4. Processed in small batches from healthy animals
5. Composed of a balance of lean and healthful fats (typically 85-90%)

Once upon a time, beef was beef was beef. Now, there are big differences that make ground beef a food you can love wholeheartedly.

In Part 2, we’ll get into facts for cooking perfect grassfed burgers with confidence. For more details, check out The Ultimate Guide to the Best Grilled Grassfed Burgers.


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