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What should I eat?

I’m a writer and cookbook author with a burning question: What should I eat? Hunting down the answers to this question is the guiding force of my life. I come from a long line of food lovers, so my preoccupations started long before I became a professional cook and journalist. But it all jelled when I moved to rural Oregon in 2001. Naturally, I arrived hungry.

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The grassfed beef cookbook praised by The Washington Post, Los Angeles Times and Vanity Fair. Pure Beef is more than a cookbook. It’s an insider’s guide to humanely raised meat from local farmers. It’s an eat-less-meat manifesto for every conscious carnivore. And there’s more.

I'm here to help

I write for national outlets on some of the biggest questions facing our eating decisions today. I focus on climate change actions, animal welfare, restorative agriculture and food security. I am also a dynamic public speaker, workshop leader and cooking teacher focused on whole foods and small-scale farming. Let’s talk about your next event.

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