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Search Results for “2017/07/crispy-skin-grilled-salmon”

The 2019 Good Grill Challenge is officially over, but keep on grilling. I’ll see you back here next year!

I know what it feels like to be anxious about lighting the grill. But after conquering that first step, I’ve discovered the freedom, creativity and adventure of grilling in my every day life. And you can do it, too.

Lynne at the grill at a farm dinner
I love outdoor grilling for the variety of foods I can make for myself, my family and friends–and there’s no messy kitchen to clean up. Photo @iamstephensmith.

The Good Grill Summer Challenge

This summer The Good Grill is your chance to kick start your own journey with a 4-week challenge {and it’s free}.

The Good Grill Summer Challenge runs from July 4th through Labor Day. Once a week after sign up, you’ll receive one grilling challenge and support through The Good Grill private Facebook community.

  • How-to tips for every type of grill
  • Easy & impressive recipes 
  • Techniques to grill a variety of foods
  • Freedom & enjoyment in outdoor cooking

Are you ready to fire up your confidence and creativity?


and become a forager

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Grilled pork chop with salsa verde and sides

A summer dinner of grilled pork chops with Italian salsa verde, sauteed chard and grilled asparagus.

Photo @iamstephensmith

A whole grilled salmon fillet–with grilled zucchini and other sides-feeds everyone’s appetites.

Grilled salad closeup

A grilled romaine salad is definitely on the menu this summer, with or without a side of meat.


and become a forager