Better grass = better meat.

Good meat comes from small-scale family farms. It comes from cattle that spend their lives on pasture, eating only good grass. It comes from farming systems that are in balance with natural systems and healthy soils.

Grassfed beef is the new meat, because it’s better meat for animals, the environment and our bodies. More people are coming to see that this way of eating that supports local economies, animal well-being and the environment. It’s a new way of eating where less is more, and quality of life is at the center of the plate.

Pure Beef is for everyone who wants to find a new way of including meat in a balanced diet.

From noodle bowls and beef stews to grilled steaks and the perfect grassfed burger, it’s loaded with vegetables and practical information for valuing good meat, including:

  • How grass becomes meat
  • 140 recipes that shift the plant-to-meat ratio
  • How to guides for every beef cut
  • Chapters organized by cooking techniques
  • Connection between food and farming

Recommended by The Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, and Vanity Fair, the Pure Beef cookbook is the grass-fed beef manifesto for whole animal cooking and sustainable eating.


“Lynne Curry shares the wisdom she has gleaned from local ranchers and the practices she has polished over years of experience. The reader is quick to buy in once Curry describes how grass-fed differs from grain-fed beef…the book contains more than 125 recipes that span a vast spectrum of influences. In a chapter dedicated to steaks, variations range from chicken-fried to filet mignon in brandy sauce…While a glossary of choice steak cuts is de rigueur, Curry raises the bar with additional glossaries of choice bones (for making great soups and stocks) and choice charcuterie cuts.”

Publishers Weekly

“Pure brilliance.”

Oregon Wine Press

“If you have a meat CSA and constantly find yourself at a loss for what to do with an unfamiliar cut, [Pure Beef] will be your life saver.”

The Kitchn

“The focus is on grass-fed cattle, but Curry gives you permission to try her recipes with any kind of beef.”

The Washington Post

“[Pure Beef] will explain clearly and in simple language what the different cuts are good for and give you recipes for using them.“

Los Angeles Times

Pure Beef by Lynne Curry is a choice cut,”

Vanity Fair

“An indispensable guide to the wide world of grass-fed artisan meat, describing the author’s journey from an urban vegetarian to a student and cheerleader of ranchers and cattle of the eastern Oregon grasslands.”

Portland Monthly

“In her book Pure Beef, Lynne Curry addresses with great finesse and delicacy the subject of raising, slaughtering, and preparing beef, as well as offering tips on where to buy it and how to cook it, with 140 beautifully varied recipes.”


“An informative look at mindful beef consumption that forgoes grisly industry exposés in favor of friendly facts and memoir.”

Library Journal