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Cow Pooling in the News

I try not to dwell on the fact that I don’t have a Trader Joe’s, an Asian grocer, or a fish market within 300 miles. What I do have is a multi-species-filled freezer. I am rich in meat. My cooking inspirations don’t come from what’s exciting at the store (although our local farmer’s market last Read More Read more

The Best Thing I’ve Ever Made

Driving down Cape Cod’s route 6 sometime in the mid-1980s with my pack of cousins, we passed a junker car with a bumper sticker that read, “Please don’t laugh at my car.” As we passed it on the left, we all guffawed as loudly as we could out the windows at the good-natured driver. (Oh, Read More Read more

The Souffle Standard

I don’t know why making souffle is always an act of desperation for me. Out of ideas, pressed for time, buried in eggs and spinach, my subconsious responds with “make a souffle.” Now, you may be thinking that at times like that the last thing in the world you need to add to your worries Read More Read more

Dwarfed by Plants

Winter lasts until May here at 4200 feet (the same elevation the top of many New Hampshire peaks I skied while growing up in New England). And then summer hits full blast with a week in the upper 80s. Still hardened for the cold, we residents wither and seek shade, but the forbes go wild. Read More Read more