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A Broccoli Celebration

When broccoli becomes a Caesar salad. I realized that I’ve been slipping up lately here, and for that I do apologize. The parenting thing has been quite all consuming of late, and cooking and baking just aren’t what they used to be…pleasurable and relaxing. Picture me stirring something in my trusty cast-iron skillet at the Read More Read more

Bargain Cherries?

After driving over 300 miles, many of them through the Yakima Valley, we came home to find Northwest cherries on sale at Safeway for $1.98 a pound. In a roadside stand in Yakima, they were $2.99 a pound. It makes you kinda wonder, huh? Read more

U-Pick Road Trip

Yakima Fruit Basket, here we come! Off to buy cherries and so much more on our way to the Washington Cascades–our former playground. Since it’s full-on cherry season, starting now, check out my article on a cool way to extend your cherry-eating enjoyment in the Oregonian’s FOODday section on Tuesday, June 30. Read more

Strawberry Bliss

It’s full-on June, the season of rosé and strawberries. It just so happens that they are wonderful together, so here’s a recipe for fresh strawberries macerated in rosé. {If you love this wine as much as I do, check out my friend Katherine Cole’s new book devoted to it, called Rosé All Day. I’m into Read More Read more

Cow Pooling in the News

I try not to dwell on the fact that I don’t have a Trader Joe’s, an Asian grocer, or a fish market within 300 miles. What I do have is a multi-species-filled freezer. I am rich in meat. My cooking inspirations don’t come from what’s exciting at the store (although our local farmer’s market last Read More Read more