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Gone Fishing

Today, we leave the rugged mountains and rivers of eastern Oregon for a month-long sojourn on the sandy stretches of Cape Cod. I am so looking forward to the hush of the waves, the salt-thick air and evenings that don’t involve wearing layers of fleece. Such a change of geography also means that our diets Read More Read more

Waterfront Dining

Our lake–Wallowa Lake–is perfect right now. The water temperature is up to a not-quite-so-bracing 68 degrees, ideal for lounging on a float over the crystalline waters while gazing into the heart of the Eagle Cap Wilderness. Look at that view! It looks too picture-postcard-perfect even for me, and I can attest to the photo’s veracity. Read More Read more

The Dirty Truth

On the last night of my fabulous friend Char’s visit from St. Louis we ate grilled salmon with roasted jalapeno chow chow, Walla Walla Sweet Onion galette and strawberry-raspberry sorbet–following another of her awesome Cointreau martinis. Then, we retired to the parlor for a feature film presentation of Rachel Getting Married, leaving behind all the Read More Read more

Chow Chow for Salmon

I’ve noticed that a lot of people like to fancy up salmon with things like huckleberry sauce, mango chutney and peach salsa. I am not one of them. For me the sweet fruit flavors clash with the briny taste of fresh salmon. Even rosemary cream sauces and lemon-pepper spice rubs just drown out the flavors Read More Read more