Forage Workshops

Joe's Special whisking eggs

Join me for this new series of local food workshops in eastern Oregon. Or contact me for cooking demonstrations or private events at your local farmers market, home or workplace.

“so knowledgeable and also approachable~it’s a winning combination”–workshop participant

The Jennings Hotel in Joseph, Oregon

corned beef and cabbage platter

Slow Meat Cooking Techniques

Saturday, March 18, 2017, 4-7 P.M. INCLUDES DINNER!

When it comes to cooking good meat, slow is often the best way to go. This demonstration class will detail age-old slow cooking techniques, including stewing, braising and preserving corned beef. Along with a discussion of meat cuts from locally raised animals, this class will conclude with a hearty, three-course family-style St. Patrick’s Day meal.

Cost: $60*

*fee includes a complete dinner plus Lynne’s corned beef tutorial e-book with course recipes

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Questions? Email me for more details: lynne[at]lynnecurry [dot] com.

More 2017 Cooking Workshops

I’ve planned one additional spring workshops care of The Jennings Hotel:

How to Eat Less Meat, Sat. 4/22 (Earth Day)


In celebration of Earth Day, this demonstration class will focus on techniques for putting meat on the side of the plate. As a former vegetarian and a sustainability writer for Civil Eats, Lynne is well versed in the benefits and opportunities for eating less meat. Relying on locally grown produce, this class will highlight plant-based menu planning and conclude with a complete meal with the meat on the side.

Time: 4-7 p.m. (includes mealtime)

Cost: $60, includes Lynne’s “How to Eat Less Meat” tutorial e-book with course recipes

Minimum class size: 4; maximum 10