Stories that Feed You

What should we eat? I write cookbooks for people who want to understand where their food comes from, how it was raised and how best to cook with it.

I write narratives about family farms to share the story of where our food comes from and the difference sustainable agriculture has on the land, producers, animals and eaters.

As a journalist and local foods chef, I bridge the gap between national food policy and small farms to answer this burning question: what should we eat?

Writing about sustainability informs my approach to cooking. All of my recipes are based on using well-raised and local foods to produce enjoyable and nourishing meals for every season.

My current cookbook project

My newest book in progress is all about pasture-raised foods—from milk, cheese and eggs to chicken, pork, lamb and beef. It is based on my experiences living among small farms and ranches in Oregon and using local products as a chef and to feed my own family. My goal is to create an informative and approachable guide for understanding and sourcing pasture-raised foods—including the animal welfare, human and environmental benefits–along with 75 technique-driven recipes for making pleasing, wholesome meals. I promise there will be plenty of vegetables, too.

If you are a farmer raising pastured foods, I’d love to connect with you. Email me at lynne [at] lynnecurry [dot] com.

My first cookbook, Pure Beef

homemade sausage from Pure Beef cookbook

Pure Beef is a friendly, expert guide for everyone looking to nourish themselves and their families with wholesome, well-raised beef. Based on Lynne’s 10-year experience cooking grassfed beef and living among the people who raise it, this book connects you to a joyful, practical and mindful way of eating meat.

This cookbook all about grassfed beef is currently available at all major online booksellers.


“Pure brilliance.” – Oregon Wine Press

“Pure Beef is here to help ease our minds and teach us all about cooking with grass-fed beef.” – The Kitchn

Recommended by The Washington Post and Los Angeles Times

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Culinary Book Projects

I am also an experienced developmental editor and project editor on culinary cookbooks with major publishing houses with an expertise in recipe writing. Contact me about your project.