Cookbooks that Feed You

What should we eat? I write cookbooks for people to understand where their food comes from and how best to cook it at home.

Hereford cattle

Pure Beef

My first cookbook, Pure Beef: An Essential Guide to Artisan Meats with Recipes for Every Cut was praised by The Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times and Vanity Fair upon release in 2012.

“Pure Beef is here to help ease our minds and teach us all about cooking with grass-fed beef.” wrote The Kitchn.

Now re-released in hardcover, Pure Beef is still the best all-around cooking guide for grassfed beef from a professional cook and food writer.

Grass Fed

Grass Fed: The Complete Pasture to Plate Cookbook is the title of my cookbook in progress. It is all about pasture-raised foods—from milk, cheese and eggs to chicken, pork, lamb and beef. I promise lots of wholesome recipes using less meat and loads of veggies. Like Pure Beef, it based on my experiences living among small farms and ranches in Oregon and using local products as a chef and to feed my own family.


As an experienced editor and project manager, as well as an author with extensive publication credits, I understand what it takes to bring a cookbook concept into print. I am eager to collaborate on cookbook projects.

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More Recipes

In addition to cookbooks, I write recipes regularly for my Forage blog as well as for print and online publications, including Fine Cooking, the Oregonian and Relish.


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