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The Omelet Project–

When it comes to omelet-making methods, you can pick your preference. Whew! We’ve spent a long time getting everything ready to make great omelets. I’ve led my poor friend Jane on the long road to pan purchase and seasoning. (It’s going to be worth it, Jane, I promise. Thanks for hanging on while I’ve been in Read More Read more

The Omelet Project–Pan Finale

What the pans taught me about making a good omelet. After months of practicing omelet production in a variety of non non-stick pans, the results are in. I really didn’t intend this project to take so long, but many things are afoot–more on that soon. Good things it’s been perfect omelet weather, which is to Read More Read more

The Omelet Project–Free From Nonstick

A plain omelet that rolled right out of the pan proved that a simple seasoning technique is worth its salt. There is nothing I enjoy quite so much as when someone cooks for me. It doesn’t happen very often, so the pleasures are great no matter what is served–a simple soup, some pasta or beans Read More Read more