Food Writing

Since 2000, my food writing and recipes have appeared in many national magazines, newspapers and websites.

As food journalist, recipe developer and essay writer, my work has appeared in Fine Cooking, the Oregonian, Saveur, the Los Angeles Times and The Washington Post, among many other publications. I have also published food essays in Leite’s Culinaria, Food and Booze: A Tin House Literary Feast and The Oxford Encyclopedia of American Food & Drink.

Recent Articles

Certified “Organic” Livestock are Supposed to Have Outdoor Access. In Practice, They Don’t –New Food Economy

Organic milk, eggs or chicken may have come from factory-farmed animals. A long-delayed rule was supposed to change that. Now it’s up to Trump’s USDA. Read more

Can We Trust the Sustainable Meat We Order Online? Civil Eats

Direct online sales of grass-fed and organic meat directly have been growing, but so are questions about its origins. Read more

Why the Organic Industry is Suing the USDA over Animal Welfare –Civil Eats

The Organic Trade Association has filed suit against the USDA for delaying a new animal welfare rule. Read more

Organic Egg Industry Pits Factory Farms Against Family FarmsZester Daily/Reuters

If the news shocks you that the dozen organic eggs you just bought came from hens living in factory-like conditions, you are not alone. Read more

Most Popular Articles

Shopping for Better Chicken? Tap This Site – Zester Daily/Reuters

Roast poultry for dinner seemed like a simple enough proposition. Read more

Preserving Tips: Canning and Pickling like a Pro– Zester Daily

Preserving tips you won’t find in a book. Read more

In Defense of Truffle Oil – Zester Daily

The truth about the food world’s most controversial ingredient. Read more

Recipe Articles

Backward Braising – Fine Cooking

Three recipes using a technique of slow cooking followed by a blast in the oven that creates tender meat with an appealing crust, all without searing. Read more

A Genius Method for Cooking a Holiday Roast– Fine Cooking

Three recipes for using the reverse-sear technique for perfectly cooked beef tenderloin or other big cuts of beef. Read more


Eating Alone in Italy – Leite’s Culinaria

Daily, I walk a two-mile stretch of narrow road in Tuscany. Lined by still-green fields of wheat, it shimmers like coal from heavy spring rains. Two hulking, shuttered stone farmhouses sit on its shoulder, stern-faced. The road curves, passes over a creek, and sidles through a cluster of homes where only once do I see anyone—three old men sit on a low wall, conversing. They stop and watch me walk by but do not greet me with the “Buon giorno” I hold ready on my tongue. Read more


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