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Are You Sourdough Curious? Here’s My Easy Intro, Simplest Sourdough

If you’re ready to try your hand at sourdough baking at last, here is an easy intro to sourdough that busts some myths and sets you up for success.

This winter, while many people were swearing off bread, I started sourdough baking again.

As of this writing, our bread box is stuffed with loafs of multigrain, white, whole wheat and cinnamon raisin bread. We are rich in toast and croutons!

Of course, the sourdough craze hit last spring as a way to cope with quarantine. But I was busy parenting teens at home, then gardening in the summer and canning through the fall.

When, the cold and dark days came after the holidays, I knew I needed a new mental focus. So, I rifled through our downstairs fridge. On the shelf behind the pickles and kimchi, a jar of sludgy gray sourdough starter.

2021 was time to become a bread baker once again and rely on its rhythms to shape these long days at home.

Sourdough Really Is Simple

There is a lot of hype, mythmaking and plain showing off in the wide world of Instagram bread baking. I warn off anyone who is genuinely curious to avoid browsing online as a first step.

You will quickly find yourself in the deep end of technical details and strong opinions. The fact is that there are many different paths, methods and techniques. But none of it is complicated for anyone to try.

I don’t think there are two bakers in the world who do things exactly the same. But they all make excellent breads!

That’s why I wrote a guidebook called Simplest Sourdough to cut through some of the myths and get down to baking in a no-nonsense way anyone can learn. No baking experience required.

It’s More Than Bread

The first thing to know is that the world of sourdough involves more than bread. Way more!

The fact is bread baking is not required! The pancakes, waffles, biscuits and other wonderfully tasty things you can make with sourdough are worth keeping one around.

The Payoff is Big

Every time you refresh your starter, you dump out some or most of the old starter. And this “sourdough discard” is a wonderful starting point for all kinds of cakes, waffles and other baked treats.

Sure, sourdough is a wonderful way to make bread, but it also adds flavor and extends the shelf life of anything you bake with it.

How about pizza dough like this?

How to Get Your Easy Guide

Instead of getting lost in the Internet, I’ve written an e-book especially for beginners. It’s called Simplest Sourdough, available for free download now with no strings attached.

I’ve distilled my years of professional and home baking into a 14-page guide that includes:

  1. Top sourdough myths
  2. How to create a sourdough
  3. How to maintain a sourdough
  4. Functions of sourdough
  5. Five recipes to set you up for success

Simplest Sourdough is now available to view, download and print for free!

Here’s what my recipe tester, Heidi, had to say about Simplest Sourdough:

“I was a complete novice. I followed your guide to a “T” and had great success with all of the recipes.”

Give it a try and let me know what you think!


and become a forager

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