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Let’s Have a Cookout, All Month Long

Are you ready to fire up your outdoor cooking skills set? Join the Good Grill Challenge 2020 and start grilling everything.

August is zooming by. So, this month, I’m hosting a grill-everything-you-can-extravaganza. It starts with the kick-off to my Good Grill Challenge 2020.

This is a free 4-week challenge for everyone who wants to get friendlier with grilling. It all wraps up on Labor Day weekend.

Sign up here for the Good Grill Challenge 2020

Because when it comes to meal times, there’s nothing simpler than grilling. And since we’re all spending more time at home, more grilling means more time outdoors and less clean up.

I know that I hit a cooking rut back in June. So grilling is the perfect shake up that also creates new possibilities–and I’m not just talking about grilled meats.

There pretty much isn’t anything you can’t grill, even grilled cabbage. So, grilling can be about the burgers and chicken, but more often it’s about asparagus and zucchini, carrots and mushrooms, pizza and peaches.

In my book grilling is the ideal way to spend some of this precious summertime outdoors while feeding yourself and your family.

Speaking of books, the Good Grill Challenge comes with an e-book, Girls Who Grill. It’s based on my live workshops and grilling parties.

And it’s free for everyone who signs up for the Good Grill Challenge. Enrollment opens today and ends on Saturday, August 15th.

What are your grilling ambitions? Let me know in the comments below or tag a photo #lynnesforage on Instagram or Facebook.

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