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Wilderness bridge

A Wilderness Photojourney from a Week in the Woods

I took a working vacation into the wilderness. It was a volunteer cooking gig, actually, but this post is not about food.

It is a little photographic tour of some other things that sustain us–in more subtle ways.

Unprocessed natural habitats.

Wilderness wildflowers

Quiet cathedrals of trees.

Wilderness moss

Found bouquets.

Wilderness penstemon

Sun-dappled trails.

Wilderness trail

The sounds of running water.

Wilderness stream

The beauty in subtlety.

Wilderness meadow


Wilderness mock orange


Wilderness ocean spray

A homecoming.

Wilderness trail sign

I hope you’re getting to great places and finding some parcel of peace and happiness this summer!

Photography notes: I brought a brand-new Nikon 7100 and zoom lens into the wilderness with me, but I never took it out of the bag. I was simply too engaged in the outdoor world and in the here and now and letting my thoughts wander to focus on any task. Even the very important one of bettering my photography skills and majorly enhancing the images on this blog.

On my 8-mile hike back to the trail head, I suddenly wanted to try to capture the beauty of the woods, and so I snapped photos all along the way on my iPhone. Then, when I got back I finally upped my game by downloading Lightroom to edit them. So while I did not do my “homework” that week, I’m happy that at last I have all the tools I need to make a big difference and become a bonafide photographer


and become a forager



  1. Lovely photos Lynne! I just wanted to pop by to say thank you so much for adding my blog, The Beach House Kitchen to your list of the blogs you follow!

  2. Thanks, Mary Ann. Your blog is my way of living my parallel life! Funny things is, we’re heading to the beach (Cape Cod) tomorrow for two weeks.

  3. Sun-dappled trails and a bit of solitude – two of my absolute favorite things that can only be savored when you’re WAY out there and away from it all. You know it’s been a truly wonderful day in the woods when you forget about your camera entirely. Lovely to see these snapshots from your trip, they make me want to get out there again asap 🙂

  4. So true, Lauren. Hope you find some for yourself–and soon!

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