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Meet My Tavern

Hi there. I’d like you to meet the Lostine Tavern.Lostine Tavern.2-25-14

It’s been keeping me away for the past few months. It’s surprising how occupying a filthy, old gutted building can be. Well, not that I’ve spent too much time in there in actuality. It’s freezing!

In my head, I’m there nearly all the time. You see, this May I plan to open, or I should say, re-open the Lostine Tavern. It’s a beloved old place, but really it needed an overhaul and an upgrade from floor to ceiling.

Truth be told, I haven’t even let myself think too much about the food. Perhaps that’s also why I’ve been so quiet. Buried in numbers and bottom lines and projections, my brain has not taken too much delight in food at all. Just ask my family. There’s been little whimsy at the table. As they say around here, “Just get ‘er done.”

Good news is, I’m emerging from the depths of restaurant financials to a brighter, livelier place. I can start to envision the room where people will gather and eat. I can hear the heavy hum of conversations. I can almost smell the food…

But I’m not totally there yet. Because I’m scared, you see. Having a tavern feels like the biggest thing I’ve taken on to date. It’s public and personal all at the same time.

Still, I’m excited to think out loud here at Rural Eating. To bounce ideas off of you. Try recipes. Experiment. Have fun.

Are you in?



  1. Kris Skewis

    Congratulations Lynne! I am excited for you…and to answer your question-I am in!

    1. Thanks so much dear Kris. Hang on for the ride!

  2. nancy young lincoln

    Good luck to you and thank you for your perseverance . We are all excited for your new adventure, and believe me it will be an adventure. I will be focusing more on getting produce out into the world, so let me know if would like anything specific grown for the Tavern,

    1. Thanks so much, Nancy. You know better than anyone what an adventure it will be! Your support means the world…

  3. Laura Skovlin

    Wishing you all the best, Lynne! Looking forward to the new LT!

  4. Stephen Kliewer

    So looking forward to the tavern being back, so to speak.

  5. June Colony

    you know I ‘m in!!!!!

  6. Marc Stauffer

    Love the repurpose of the building and excited to see and experience what you are creating. It is great to see this kind of entrepreneurship in the county.

  7. Mary Lu Pierce

    I am thrilled that you folks are revitalizing the Lostine Tavern! It is indeed a landmark stopping spot for tourists, advenutrers emerging from the wilderness, and local folks from La Grande to Joseph. Good luck on your project. We’ll be supporting you!

  8. Ken Smith

    I’ve been watching the progress of the tavern through Facebook and am excited to have another good place too eat in Wallowa County. Well be sure to stop in for lunch when out hunting. Congratulations!

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