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Who Needs a Big Green Egg?

Last weekend, I had a chance to cook on a Big Green Egg* in preparation for a cooking demonstration at Anton’s Home & Hearth where they sell these ovoid ceramic grills along with my cookbook.

TJ Anton delivered the demonstration model to my home early in the week. On Wednesday, I grilled venison backstrap, a sirloin steak and a T-bone–standard stuff. The cast-iron grate created picture-perfect grill marks.

On Thursday, I baked flat breads and slider buns. I slipped a pizza stone over the plate setter and the bottoms of the buns browned just right.

On Friday, I smoked a pork shoulder and a chuck roast over hickory chips for 14 hours. The grill held a steady 200 degrees for hours.

On Saturday, I seared, roasted, grilled and reheated 4 recipes* for the sidewalk tasters outside the store on a busy Saturday in downtown Joseph. (I also nearly smoked out Main Street because I didn’t remove the unburnt wood chips from my smoking event. Lesson learned with apologies to the pedestrians.)

I’ve cooked on a lot of grills. Gas is good for convenience only. My Weber is terrific, but I need to start cooking sooner than the coals are typically ready. (I’ve found that the grill is usually perfect 30 minutes after I’m done cooking.) I’m happy to own a Treager for smoking trout, pork, beef and grilling salmon, but it can’t achieve the high heat (over 400 degrees F) I often want–especially for for pizzas on the grill.

The Egg? It truly does it all, including baking and slow roasting. It climbed to 600 degrees F within 20 minutes of lighting and held steady for as long as I needed. Using the vents at the top and the bottom, I could moderate the temperature.

It took up little space in my yard and is more attractive than any of the other grills I own. Yes, I need an egg (and TJ has offered to loan it to me again).

It’s a spendy item, but for anyone considering a high-end gas grill, the price is on par with those sleek stainless steel models. Only I like this simple (primitive) and space-saving design of this ceramic model that sets no limits on what I can cook outside.

Want one? The Big Green Egg is now offering a giveaway through Nature’s Pantry grocery stores.

*This company has posted a couple of recipes from my cookbook on their site, for which I am grateful. However, I wrote this post on my own and did not accept any payment/product; it is my genuine opinion.

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