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Celebrating Interdependence

With thanks to the many people who have helped me on my short journey to date.

For 10 days leading up to this July 4th holiday, I was on the road–Portland, San Francisco and Boston. Big places, unknown venues and many, many new people. All along the way, friends of friends, people in small businesses, fans of local and sustainable foods and perfect strangers helped me.

Why me? Because they are caring and generous and invested in improving this country we proudly call home.

On this day, we think about our national independence. It is our political inheritance and the foundation of our notions of achievement and excellence.

But after this fresh experience I have enjoyed from coast to coast, I am reflecting on a different, less popularized idea: How much our interdependence is what truly makes us great.

To all the people who assisted me in ways large and small, a small expression of gratitude.

In Portland:
Joni Kabana and Philippa Ribbink
Camas Davis, Portland Meat Collective
Kevin Silveira, Valley Meat Services
Michael Madigan, Kitchen Cru
Pascal Saunton, Milwaukie Kitchen

In San Francisco:
Mayra Padilla
Celia Sack, Omnivore Books on Food
Lisa & Bob Carey, Branford Natural Meats
Brian & Kathleen Bean, Lava Lake Lamb
Nicolette Hahn Niman & Bill Niman
Tia Harrison, Sociale & Avedanos
Marissa Guiggiana
Aaron Lander, Marin Sun Farms
Brian Boone, Agricultural Institute of Marin

And to everyone who stopped to chat, buy a book or lend your support – Happy Fourth of July!

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