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The Right Tool for Ice Cream

Over the weekend the sun came out through the clouds that looked like they held buckets of rain. It burned brightly and then hid, a solar cat and mouse game. Mid-afternoon, the sun escaped the clouds long enough for me to start thinking that it felt like summer, and summer is for ice cream.

I say “ice cream,” but what I mean is any frozen dessert, be it mocha almond chip or vanilla frozen custard, hazelnut gelato or watermelon granita.

The cold, the texture on your tongue, the concentration of creamy, fruity, flavors is nearly all of the fun. But there is another component perhaps you’ve never thought about–you’re exempt if you exclusively eat your frozen dessert product from a cone.

Meet The Gelato Spoon

Yes, the spoon matters, and if you love ice cream season, I implore you to get yourself a very particular kind of spoon as soon as possible. I’d hate for you to miss out on the full pleasures of swooping the ice cream smoothly off the spoon–even if the clouds are in the way of the sun.

“Now I need a special spoon?” you say, a little perturbed for some stranger telling you what you need–another gadget of all things!

It’s true that ice cream is wonderful even from those wide wooden sticks, vaguely spoon shaped, you get from the ice cream man. Running your lips over the smooth ice cream and encountering the dry wood brings joy on a hot beach day.

But what I am getting to is the gelato spoon. This shovel-shaped diminutive spoon is the star of my summertime.

I picked up two sets 8 years ago in Florence. They appear child-sized, but they are proportioned for delicate bites that prolong the experience. The gelato spoon is our first choice for anything served in a dainty dish, be it sorbet or pudding or honey yogurt.

I’d like to be an evangelist of the gelato spoon–ideal for its size and the flat nose so that it scrapes across the bottom of the dish, scooping up the melted pools of ice cream we’re all tempted to lick. But every summer, I look for them in vain.

This year, at last, I found one source online with an acceptable model. Stainless steel not plastic, and beware those with too-square sides that catch against your mouth.

Try it for yourself whenever you make a batch of peach sorbet, rhubarb sherbet or any other frozen treat.


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  1. Patricia Weld

    Hello Lynne – just returned from Sorrento where I purchased three of the spoons you have pictured (all they had at the time) in your June 2012 post. Have been on a search for these for many years. I wanted to order more but lost the business card and receipt of the shop. Would you be able to tell me the online order information for your spoon? Many thanks – Patricia Weld

  2. Hi Patricia. These are not easy to find! My initial source is gone, but just recently someone sent me another other (I’ve updated the post with it). The maker is Arthur Krupp. The line is Contour, and then you’ll need to search through the drop-down list for “ice cream spoon.”

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