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Eat with Your Eyes

Summertime indulgences of reading and eating–both better in the outdoors.

I am spending more time than usual in new bookstores. All of them excite me when I step inside. They feel like playgrounds, secret hideaways and tunnels of possibility. More often than not, I browse the shelves without opening a single volume.

I cruise through fiction, looking for the names of authors I love. There is Jeanette Winterson and Toni Morrison, Richard Ford and Jonathan Franzen.

I stop in the essay section, consider a tome by David Foster Wallace. I cannot commit. The bargain tables? Of course, there are dozens of back listed titles I have not read…but I don’t pick them up either. I’m too jazzed to read a single line of poetry.

It is like being hungry at the most elaborate banquet and feeling sated by the sight and the smells alone, the glorious anticipation.

Admittedly, I linger longest in the cookbook section. I especially like booktores that cluster cookbooks and food writing. When I start to wonder why we need any more books on food, I know it is time to move onward to the literary journals.

The tower of unread journals, essay collections and memoirs beside my bed at home, scolds me for considering more. Glutton!

I heard about a living simplicity expert who claimed that books were the great exception. Perhaps, but have you ever tried to move your library? That’s when the regret strikes.

I often leave the bookstores empty handed, or with just an artsy card to use the next time I want to hand write a note to a friend. And yet, by the time I leave, I feel as if I have devoured them all.

{Over the next 2 weeks, I’ll visit 3 bookstores I’ve never been to before for book talk & signing events: Omnivore Books on Food in San Francisco, Rizzoli Bookstore in NYC and Trident Booksellers in Boston. Come listen and find me browsing the stacks and guide me to your favorites. I need a good summer read.}


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