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Better Than Chocolate

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I know. It’s hard to come up with something better than chocolate, especially the stuff we’re getting around here, thanks to Erica Reininger.

Erica’s a graphic designer who moved here from Portland to grow organic vegetables and bake whole grain breads and help her parents run Arrowhead Ranch outside of Enterprise.

Now, she’s dusted off the chocolate-making equipment from their former Bend, OR-based business and is making exquisite hand-dipped chocolates. The only trouble is that it’s on the QT until she gets a commercial kitchen… Talk about a secret chocolate stash!

I had my fair share yesterday (throughout the weekend actually): all dark and perfectly tempered. I believe that my favorite is the enrobed candied ginger. Or, is it the caramel or hazelnuts? I’ll have to give it another taste test and let you know.

I do know that the other highlight of my Valentine’s Day was holding not 1 but 2 brand-new baby girls. That newborn baby smell is the only thing more tantalizing than dark chocolate. It was pure sugar and spice and everything nice.

Hope your V-day was just as sweet.


  1. Simply Luxurious

    Can't wait to see and taste her chocolates when she goes commercial. I visit (am originally am from) Wallowa County and I would love to support quality food haunts in that area!

  2. Lynne

    Next time you're in Joseph you'll be able to sample them at the Sheep Shed.

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