Retro Albacore Tuna Noodle Salad

Summer survival eating in a bowl.
albacore tuna salad closeup

On June evenings when it got really hot–so hot your shorts stuck to your thighs and even we kids were sweating–my Mom did not call us in for supper.

Instead of the usual place-mats-and-cloth-napkins dinner table, she brought the food out to us where we played in the yard under the shade of towering oak trees. (more…)

Tamarind Whiskey Sour

All you need is agua fresca for a no-brainer cocktail hour.
Tamarind cocktail

“What’s as thirst quenching as lemonade, as colorful as Kool-Aid and as easy to make as iced tea? A Mexican drink called agua fresca — literally “fresh water” — is the original vitamin-rich, caffeine- and alcohol-free cooler.”

This is how I began an article on my favorite summer drink for The Washington Post food section way back in 2003 called Ice Cold Agua Fresca (surprisingly available online with three recipes for Hibiscus, Coconut and Melon coolers–or aguas–you’ll want to try). (more…)

Coconut Cream of Broccoli Soup

Serve this soup chilled for summertime.
coconut cream of broccoli soup overhead

Last year I tried to grow broccoli. I bought six starts and planted them in their own raised bed complete with soil amendments, irrigation and shade cloth.

Every morning with mug of coffee in hand, I checked on them. After planting in June, through the heat of July and into August they stood taller but somehow stunted. Small leaves, thin stalks, tiny crowns forming. I fertilized and all but talked to them. (more…)