Roast That Pork Belly

There’s more to pork belly than bacon.
roaste pork belly plated

Generally, I leave the bacon making to my butcher, Kevin. He’s a pro with the cure and smoke. But this year was different.

I shared a local pig–raised, incidentally in the high plateau where my husband grew up, not far from here but another world away at Amaranta Farm–with a friend this year. She preferred to leave all the cuts of this Red Wattle pork uncured, so I went along for the ride. (more…)

Grilled Leeks Vinaigrette Recipe

The alluring first signs of spring are the best cooking inspiration.leeks vinaigrette

They were not on my shopping list. And these days, I am trying to stick to a food budget.

But those leeks–the elegant and mild-mannered member of the onion family–besotted me. Leslie was still unpacking the produce from a local grower at Ruby Peak Naturals and there I stood hovering… admiring.

Smiling over the edible signs of spring. (more…)

About Homemade Bread

Comfort food: almond butter & jam on whole wheat bread.homemade bread pb&j

Everyone’s going bananas for sourdough.

In an article entitled, “Sourdough Starter, America’s Rising Pet,” The New York Times reported that sales of commercial sourdough starters are up 20 percent. NPR shared how in Stockholm you can hire a babysitter for your sourdough starter–and it went viral on Twitter.

It’s as if sourdough starter was just invented by a microbiologist or unearthed in a clay jar on an archaeological dig in the Levant. (more…)