Rhubarb Chutney Recipe: A Thrilling Grilling Garnish

Unexpected and tangy, this chutney is what your meat is missing.
rhubarb chutney with grilled chicken closeup

Hooray! It’s grilling season.

For me, that means carefree cooking on my back deck with a mountain view and the kids playing in the yard.

It means pulling off dinner with exactly zero pans to wash up afterwards.

It means scrounging everything I can find in the fridge, seasoning it with salt and pepper, and letting the fire do all the work. (more…)

Time to Plant the Sunchokes

Sunchokes & salad turnips inspire a spontaneous spring salad.
Sunchoke salad

I can’t explain why I’ve read two articles this week about prepared meal services, one rating the big players, like Blue Apron, and the other reporting on home cooking evangelist Mark Bittman’s abrupt departure from Purple Carrot.

This urban trend is about as far away from my rural world as the moon. Besides, the cost, the packaging, the transportation aren’t exactly the direction I support to get people cooking again. (more…)

A Blueberry Muffin Kind of Day

No-fuss holiday celebrations are the best all around.
Blueberry muffin-giant closeup

When I became a mother 10 years ago, I learned for the first time that holidays were actually for other people. For better and for worse, when Christmas or the 4th of July or Thanksgiving rolled around, I was still on call, still needed–and yes, still loved.

Albeit tired. And maybe a little needy myself.

Now that the girls are growing up and demand far less of me, Mother’s Day still seems like a funny kind of holiday. A little artificial, but a nice thought nonetheless. (more…)