A writer living in rural Oregon, I am inspired by the people who produce our daily bread. I am the author of the cookbook Pure Beef: An Essential Guide to Artisan Meat with Recipes for Every Cut and write articles and essays for print and online publications.

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6 Reasons to Get Pickling + Recipe Links

Pickles are the easiest and quickest preserving method for produce of all kinds, from beans to onions to beets. And they’re good for friendships, too.


Seared Scallop Roll Recipe

Anyone can make these transporting seared scallop rolls anywhere at anytime! All you need to know is how to sear a sea scallop. Here are three important steps.

salad nicoise

Fresh Green Beans for Nicoise Salad

There are many vegetables that you can can, freeze or otherwise preserve. But green beans are at their best only when fresh–as in this not-quite-classic Niçoise salad.

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