A writer living in rural Oregon, I am inspired by the people who produce our daily bread. I am the author of the cookbook Pure Beef: An Essential Guide to Artisan Meat with Recipes for Every Cut and write articles and essays for print and online publications.

From Rural Eating Blog

Bean Water FAQ + Basic Bean Recipe

This bean water FAQ is an update on a popular Rural Eating post from 2010 that shares the answers to reader questions with additional info about bean water.


Hands-free Polenta with Mascarpone & Parmesan

Polenta was exactly what I craved, but I was also flummoxed by it. In this restaurant heyday, what kind of place serves something this … plain?


Dinner 911: Tostadas from the Pantry

These beef tostadas save the day. Sure, they explode on the third bite, but tostadas have become my soccer season go-to. Why? Because even when I do not have a … Read More

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